Gambia Birding Tours Conservation Project

Gambia Birding Tours a leading bird watching tour company in The Gambia is committed to render quality and efficient guiding services to its customers. But we are equally aware of the threatening environmental issues and serious pressure on our biodiversity, habitats and the precious birdlife Gambia is known for world wide.

We pledge to set aside 2% of any bookings received by Gambia Birding tours company from our customers will be plaud back to communities' development project and grassroots sensitization in schools all the way down to the villages level. We will engage in annual tree planting exercise to restore our forest covers were necessary. We will organize public lectures at the village levels and most importantly in schools. Field trips will be organized for school going children at the grassroot level to allow them see for themselves the birdlife around them, the slogan is "Be aware of Birdlife The Gambia".

A charity will be set aside also to support the course of help local women self-reliance initiative and youth empowerment, like horticultural gardening projects, access to markets, quality seed provisions and more. We would encourage locals to engage in poultry farms and responsible fishing practice to the exchange of saving marine and birdlife.

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